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______________________ DJ PROFILE AND ORIGINAL MUSIC WEBSITE __________

 === AFFILIATIONS ======

Paradise Lost RecordingsTsunami AudioFreak Camp



 === DATES ======

27.1.12  @ Gretchen Berlin

Doctor P, Flux Pavillon, Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic

10.12.11  @ La Datscha Potsdam

DubfiDub Homie Session with Phokus, The Next, TKR, Mr.Boogie, Robotic

9.12.11  @ Icon Berlin

Icon 15th Birthday! with special guest Mike Skinner from The Streets, loads of others as well incl. Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic

11.11.11  @ Icon Berlin

Kode9, Delfonic, Robotic FLYER

4.11.11  @ Gretchen Berlin

Room1: 2562, Machinedrum, Robotic --- Room2: Samiyam, Jeremiah Jae, Eli Pavel FLYER

28.10.11  @ Icon Berlin

Emalkay, Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic FLYER

21.10.11  @ Gretchen Berlin

Zomby, Pinch, Paul Spymania, Robotic FLYER

15.10.10  @ La Datscha Potsdam

Fused Forces, Mr.Boogie, Robotic FLYER

14.10.11  @ AboutBlank Berlin

Audiomassive 10Year Birthday!
DNB: Fu, Z.Pot, Laburnam, Barry T., Flare 5, Plasma, Fallout Boy, HNS, Mo -- Dubstep/Techno: C.O.P.S., Robotic, Lebowski, Ill.K, Astma, Tetsuo

7.10.11  @ Berghain Berlin

Adrian Sherwood, Martyn live!, Kuedo, Scuba, Untold, Skratch b2b Robotic

19.08.11  @ Icon Berlin

N-TYPE - Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic supporting! FLYER

22.07.11  @ Icon Berlin

Club Autonomic Berlin - D-Bridge, Instra:mental, SP:MC
Robotic supporting!

25.06.11  @ Panke Berlin

We Want More Bass!
SLT Mob!!, 2krazy, J-trex, Robotic, Genys

01.06.11  @ MIKZ Berlin

Spass am Bass
FD, Feinfilter ft. Susi Koch, Robotic, Ill.K, Fallout Boy, Plasma, HNS, Mo

21.05.11  @ Chester's Inn Berlin

Outside The Box
Robotic b2b Roko, 2krazy, Wasteman, Mene Axelrod, Craftsman

07.05.11  @ La Datscha Potsdam

Dub Fi Dub - Crises, Mr.Boogie, Robotic, Fassa Ben FLYER

30.04.11  @ Panke Berlin

We Want More Bass! - Ike Release b2b 2krazy, Robotic, Genys FLYER

22.04.11  @ Icon Berlin

Kokeshi Labelnight! - Kryptic Minds, Alley Cat, Irrelevant
Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic supporting!

26.01.11  @ MIKZ Berlin

Impulse presented by In Beat We Trust
Janoshi, Robotic, Lebowski, Dr.Kaya, Dazid

10.12.10  @ Icon Berlin

ICON Birthday Party
Mr.Boogie b2b Robotic among maaany others!

10.12.10  @ MIKZ Berlin

3 Years Dubstep.de Party
Live Dubstep on the main floor, Skratch, Robotic, more tba...

25.11.10  @ Icon Berlin

RUSKO, Mr.Boogie, Robotic... FLYER

22.10.10  @ Maria Berlin

Flying Lotus!, Kutmah
support by Delfonic vs. Siriusmo, Robotic



 === MORE DJ MIXES ======

Sunday Night Jive  (House/Techno)  TL

15-03-2010 - techy house / housy techno mix featuring feelgood summer vibes! - 78min @ 179mb

Deep Rooted Promomix  (Dubstep)  TL

15-07-2010 - promomix for Paradise Lost Recordings featuring all the tunes from the PLLP01 - Deep Rooted Compilation... more info here! - 35min @ 92mb

Full Moon Spectacle  (Oldschool Goa)  TL

14-07-2009 - olschool goa anthems from 94-98 with two rogues newbies from the early 2000s thrown in for good measure... tune in and drop out to this blast from my musical past! - 121min @ 278mb
alt. 128kb lo-qual link: 128k / 112mb - COVER

Bielefeld Sessions Vol.1 Mix  (Dubstep,Techno,Ambient)  TL

22-06-2009 - 2-hour studio mix journey inspired by and roughly modeled after a 2009 gig in Bielefeld. This one has proper abient intro and outro and moves in and out seamlessly between dubstep and techno the rest of the time. Some all-time favorites in the mix here! - 120min @ 274mb
alternate 128kb lo-qual link: 128k / 115mb - CD COVER

World of Dubstep Mix  (Dubstep)  TL

29-11-2008 - 2-hour radio show produced for local station 36FM. Mostly dancefloor dubstep mixed up heavily and sweetened with samples from legendary hard trance album 'A Day On Our Planet' by Spicelab (Harthouse Rec). - 120min @ 275mb
alternate lower-quality link: 128k / 110mb

Inhalation Therapy  (Dubstep, Various..)  TL

12-08-2008 - New studio mix combining techno, electro, and jungle with some deep and melodic dubstep. This one's dedicated to Rowdy Faust - departed but never forgotten! - 79:25min @ 181mb
for cd-burning: CUE FILE - CD COVER

Haunted Summer  (Dubstep, Various..)  TL

15-08-2007 - Dubby and electro techno intro, some techno in the middle, some psydub, some boc, and new dubstep bits all ovah the place! - 79:13min @ 102mb
for cd-burning: CUE FILE

.... or check the MIXES PAGE for more.



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   ======  DJ MIXES === 

<a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-sunday_night_jive-dj_mix.mp3'><i>SUNDAY NITE JIVE</i> DJ Mix</a> [House/Techno] <a href='http://paradiselostrecordings.com/_mixes/plcast01_-_deep_rooted_promomix_-_paradise_lost_recordings_podcast_-_mixed_by_robotic.mp3'><i>Deep Rooted</i> Promomix</a> [Dubstep - Paradise Lost Recs] === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-128k-www_robotfreq_com.mp3'>alt. 128k version</a> === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-cd_cover_200dpi.jpg'>cover 200dpi</a> === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-www_robotfreq_com.txt'>tracklist .txt</a> === === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-128k-www_robotfreq_com.mp3'>alt. 128k version</a> === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-cd_cover_200dpi.jpg'>cover 200dpi</a> === <a href='http://www.robotfreq.com/mixes/robotic-bielefeld_sessions_vol1-studio_mix-22-06-2009-www_robotfreq_com.txt'>tracklist .txt</a> ===

.... or check the MIXES PAGE for more.



======  TUNES === 

. . . more music @ r0b0Tic on SOUNDCLOUD . . . . .



======  NEWS === 


Subject: Sunday Nite Jivin & Updatin!! Date: 27-04-2011

wow.... it's been forever and a half since this site has seen an update. what's new... LOTS! new mix is up, new label is launched, baby is born, dates have been added, flyers sorted, and in general the site has been brought up to speed. wheww.... gonna try and keep this thing on the regular from now on... i promise. in any case, check out the new/old mix, was recorded spring of 2010 but never got uploaded cuz i was never quite 100% happy with it. or at least back then i wasnt.... now it seems fine! :) summer vibes on this one... bit of a ladies' ting. enjoy!! :)


Subject: Deep Rooted!! Date: 07-20-2010

Deep Rooted Compilation is out now on Paradise Lost Recordings, sporting 13 massive bass tunes from around the world, and including artists like Vesicle, Dubtek, RRKK, TKR, Droid Sector, Twisted, Ike Release, Simonoff, Kaskaad and Teeth! i'm pretty proud to be a part of the team there, and made a continuous promomix of all the compilation tunes, which can be downloaded here. more stuff on the horizon as well, dubtek vinyl ep, vesicle vinyl ep, and a digital release from saviour are coming reeeeal soon!


Subject: Various News Updates Date: 01-12-2009

so yes, it's been a while, lots of things going on. started doing a&r for my good friends at paradise lost recordings, excited to work with these guys in finding and pushing new talent onto the scene... so get me those tunes, accepting demos for consideration as both vinyl and digital releases. other than that i'm well busy in my private and professional (non-music) life, doing regular dj gigs as usual, and... which is possibly most interesting to those of u reading this... i have started working on new tunes. expect an update in the player on this page within the next week, and also expect the long-awaited digital release of my e.p. on mezmerize recordings to be out really soon! in other news, freak camp radio is currently on hiatus due to problems with the station. we might be back later on on another frequency, so keep checking back for updates on that. oh, and check out the oldschool goa mix on the mix section on the left if u havent already... those are the sounds i was playing 12-14 years ago... time flies i tell ya, seems like yesterday! :)


Subject: Bielefeld Sessions Vol.1 Date: 26-06-2009

so i recorded a new studio mix. this one is inspired by a set i played in bielefeld for robyn & rec.effort. first off the gig was great, i played for almost three hours and all across the board, with a proper intro and everything. the press text mentioned that i like to play techno, so i did... pretty much all throughout the first half of the set. then later i went into darker stuff, got proper heavy at the end and finished off with some electro bassline stuff! what a set! :) this mix is made to try and capture some of what that set was about... the first 2 hours of it anyway. imo the heavier stuff can only be properly enjoyed in wild skankout fashion in front of a massive sound system, so i left that bit out in the mix and finished similarly to how i started... ambient goodness. :) check her out: 320k MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK




======  CURRENT EVENTS ======

07.05.2011 - Dub Fi Dub @ La Datscha Potsdam - Crises, Robotic, Mr.Boogie, Fassa Ben

21.05.2011 - Outside The Box @ Chester's Inn Berlin - Robotic b2b Roko, 2krazy, Wasteman, Craftsman, Mene Axelrod

======  PAST EVENTS ======



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